Introduction: Layout of automobile – introduction chassis and body components . types of Automobile engines. – power unit – Introduction to engine lubrication – engine servicing
Fuel System: S.I. Engine : Fuel supply systems, Mechanical and electrical fuel pump – filters – carburetor – types – air filters – petrol injection. Introductionto MPFI and GDI Systems.
C.I. Engines: Requirements of diesel injection systems, types of injection systems, DI Systems IDI systems. fuel pump, nozzle, spray formation, injection timing, testing of fuel pumps. Introduction CRDI and TDI Systems.


Cooling System: Cooling Requirements, Air Cooling, Liquid Cooling, Thermo, water and Forced Circulation System – Radiators – Types – Cooling Fan – water pump, thermostat, evaporative cooling – pressure sealed cooling – antifreeze solutions.
Ignition System: Function of an ignition system, battery ignition system, constructional features of storage, battery, auto transformer, contact breaker points, condenser and spark plug – Magneto coil ignition system, electronic ignition system using contact breaker, electronic ignition using contact triggers – spark advance and retard mechanism.
Electrical System: Charging circuit, generator, current – voltage regulator – starting system, bendix drive mechanism solenoid switch, lighting systems, Horn, wiper, fuel gauge – oil pressure gauge, engine temperature indicator etc.


Transmission System: Clutches, principle, types, cone clutch, single plate clutch, multi plate clutch, magnetic and centrifugal clutches, fluid fly wheel – gear boxes, types, sliding mesh, constantt mesh, synchro mesh gear boxes, epicyclic gear box , over drive torque converter. Propeller shaft – Hotch – Kiss drive, Torque tube drive, universal joint, differential rear axles – types – wheels and tyres.
Suspension System: Objects of suspension systems – rigid axle suspension system, torsion bar, shock absorber, Independent suspension system.


Braking System: Mechanical brake system, Hydraulic brake system, Master cylinder, wheel cylinder tandem master cylinder Requirement of brake fluid, Pneumatic and vacuum brakes.
Steering System: Steering geometry – camber, castor, king pin rake, combined angle toein, center point steering. Types of steering mechanism – Ackerman steering mechanism, Davis steering mechanism, steering gears – types, steering linkages.


Emissions from Automobiles – Pollution standards National and international – Pollution Control – Techniques – Multipoint fuel injection for SI Engines. Common rail diesel injection Energy alternatives – Solar, Photo-voltaic, hydrogen, Biomass, alcohols, LPG,CNG, liquid Fuels and gaseous fuels, Hydrogen as a fuel for IC Engines. – their merits and demerits.
Standard Vehicle maintenance practice.

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