CPU expert (SDE)

Job brief for CPU expert (SDE)

Looking for an embedded engineer with 3 to 5 years of experience having strong knowledge on CPU and RTOS concepts.


  • RTOS porting and OS bringup.
  • Enabling the CPU features such as cache, MPU/MMU, FPU, Crypto engines on the SoC.
  • Debug and Trace bring up on the SoC.
  • Implementing OS abstraction layer.
  • Developing and testing switching between CPU secure and non-secure modes in the RTOS.
  • Implementing the system calls for User mode to kernel mode communication in RTOS.


  • Knowledge on embedded processors and security features. Experience in ARM cortex-m4 , ARM v7 and v8 architectures, ARM trust-zone will be preferable.
  • Strong Operating System concepts(Memory management, scheduler, process management, synchronization, interrupt handling, ..).
  • Experience in OS porting and OS bringup on the SoC.
  • Knowledge on CPU concepts such as timers, interrupt handling, barriers, WFI/WFE.
  • Knowledge on ARM coresight debug architecture.
  • Excellent debugging skills. Familiarity in using JTAG debuggers such as Lauterbach, arm dstream, segger jlink.
  • Experience in C/Assembly programming for testing the hardware.
  • Experience in using GIT/Gerrit tool.
  • Knowledge on porting file systems on to the embedded platform.
  • Very good understanding of SoCs and Hardware/Software blocks.



BE/B.Tech/M.Tech in Electronics and Computer science.

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