PCIe Software Engineer (SDE)

Job brief for PCIe Software Engineer (SDE)

Looking for an Embedded engineer with 3 to 5 years of experience on PCI express protocol.


  1. Linux device driver development for PCI express based devices.
  2. Develop and test the applications based on PCI express protocol.
  3. System level debug on PCIe hardware and software issues.
  4. Validate, debug, and understand PCIe link training (LTSSM), Data Link Layer (DLLP), and Transaction Layer (TLP).


  1. Excellent knowledge in PCIe architecture- Gen2, Gen3 and above
  2. Knowledge on PCI express interrupt handling mechanisms MSI/MSI-X
  3. Knowledge on PCI express Error handling mechanisms.
  4. Knowledge on PCI express power management mechanisms
  5. Knowledge on PCI express configuration space, enumeration process, link training.
  6. Experience in design and development on PCI express based Linux drivers.
  7. Knowledge on operating system concepts and Linux device drivers.
  8. Experience in using PCI express logic analyzer.
  9. Experience in using GIT/Gerrit tools.
  10. Good debugging and analytical skills.
  11. Expert in C/C++ coding.


BE/B.Tech/M.Tech in Electronics and Computer science.


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