MERN Full Stack with ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB

MERN Full Stack with ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB

Course Contents :                               Looking for Live DEMO ?? Click here Now !!

1. Introduction to MERN Stack
1.1 Overview of MERN Stack
1.2 Advantages of MERN Stack
1.3 Setting up the Development Environment

2.1 Introduction to React
2.2 Creating Components in React |  <== FREE PREVIEW ==>
2.3 State Management in React | <== FREE PREVIEW ==>
2.4.Working with React Router
2.5 Developing React Application

3. Node.js
3.1 Introduction to Node.js
3.2 Building a Server with Node.js
3.3 Using Node.js for Backend Development

4. MongoDB
4.1 Introduction to MongoDB
4.2 CRUD Operations in MongoDB
4.3 Working with MongoDB using Mongoose

5. ExpressJS
5.1 Introduction to Express.js
5.2 Creating RESTful APIs with Express.js
5.3 Middleware and Routing in Express.js

6.Building a MERN Application
6.1 Structuring a MERN Project
6.2 Connecting the Backend with the Frontend
6.3 Building User Interfaces with React
6.4 Managing Forms and Data
6.5 Authentication and Authorization
6.6 Deployment and Production Best Practices

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Level: Hard
Teacher: Yash Kumar, Venu Pala
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